Reliant Church

Crave Coffee House
3500 Caroline St
St Louis MO 63104

During the week, Crave Coffee House is run out of the same building that serves as our sanctuary. It is a unique ministry that provides good food and good coffee, and uses those as an entry point to share hope in Jesus when God opens the door to those conversations. Stop in to ask them about how a church became a coffee shop, to enjoy some Kaldi’s coffee, or to simply get to know the people passionate about “peace, coffee, and more.” 

Christ Memorial
Lutheran Church

5252 S. Lindbergh Blvd
St Louis, MO 63126

Christ Memorial is Reliant’s founding congregation. Reliant and Christ Memorial often do activities, service projects, and the occasional worship service together. Members and guests of Reliant are always welcome to get involved in worship or anything else going on at Christ Memorial. Check out what’s going on in South County.