More people loved and more people sent.  The vision God has given us is bold, and so is our response.  Financial resources are important to the mission God has given us to do together.  We believe:

  • Giving is an act of worship and an exercise of faith.  It’s about your relationship with God.
  • Giving is a tangible expression of our commitment to God’s mission in our church.  By our financial support, we declare, “I’m on this mission.”
  • Giving resources the important work of our congregation.  Much is done with congregational dollars – education, worship, children and youth, local and international missions, community outreach, ministry staff, operation of an innovative ministry space, discipleship resources, ministry technology . . . .

Though giving may look different depending on your life stage or circumstances, God’s call to give applies to all of us. We encourage you to pray about your giving plan, ponder what God has to say about giving (for example, 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and 2 Corinthians 9), and if you have questions, to get in touch with a pastor.

Consider online giving with the button below.  Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is convenient, efficient, and flexible.

All of Reliant’s giving is managed through Christ Memorial, our parent church in South County.


Also, if you shop on Amazon, you can give a portion of the money you spend back to Christ Memorial and Reliant. Sign up here.