Humanitri is a St. Louis-based social service organization that seeks to move families and individuals from crisis and uncertainty to stability and self-sufficiency. The organization often connects with clients during some of the darkest times in their lives. The Humanitri staff walks alongside these clients, providing for their needs and teaching them new skills.

Humanitri offers a variety of programs. For example, the Transitional Housing program provides up to 24 months of transitional housing, job placement, counseling, and spiritual care to clients. The Next Steps Home program helps ex-offenders get re-connected to the community and to their families. Humanitri leverages these and other programs, as well as external partnerships, to enable its clients to be effective stewards of their own lives and families. Furthermore, Reliant and Humanitri both consider it a success when clients in the program in turn reach out to help others in need.

Reliant and Christ Memorial at times help collect furniture or help with home maintenance, but we especially focus on building relationships with those families in Humanitri’s programs. We also conduct fundraising events on Humanitri’s behalf and support the organization’s internal operations.

To get involved with Humanitri, you may either contact Humanitri directly (see link below) or watch communication channels such as worship announcements or the new e-newsletter for opportunities specific to Reliant and/or Christ Memorial.


Other Outreach Opportunities

While we are involved with Humanitri on a regular basis, there are many other one-time outreach events that we undertake as a church community. Listen for these at the end of our worship services or watch for them on our Events page.