Our desire is to foster a community of believers who know they are highly LOVED by God in Christ and by his people, and are challenged to be SENT into all areas of life with the gospel of Jesus. In order to do this well, we want to care for everyone who comes in contact with Reliant. The first place to seek care, and the best venue to receive it, is through your community group. As needs arise for prayer, support, encouragement, and assistance, start by reaching out to your group leader and others in your group, who are there to serve as your “immediate family” in the Christian faith. If you’re not part of a community group yet, fill out the form on this page to get involved!

Current Community Groups

Mondays – South City

Meet: Mondays 7pm-8:30pm
Leader/Host: Dawn Martin
Study: Current Sermon Series

Description: We are an open and friendly social group. Currently, most of us are in our twenties – some single, some dating, some engaged. We grow together spiritually each week through time in God’s Word, time together, and varying service projects. Some weeks, we also enjoy karaoke after our main meeting time.

Wednesdays – South City/Maplewood

Meet: Wednesdays 7:30 p.m.
Leaders/Hosts: Ryan and Natalie McLaury
Study: Current Sermon Series

Description: The recently merged South City/Maplewood Community Group is united by their love of local restaurants, their commitment to open-minded, thoughtful conversation about Scripture & current events, and their ability to turn any comment into a long-winded tangent. We’re devoted to meeting consistently, regularly serving in the community, and laughing every time we’re together. Primarily consisting of young professionals, we welcome all new members with the expectation that some hazing is allowable (we kid!).

Saturdays – Tower Grove South

Meet: Saturdays 4pm-6pm
Leaders/Hosts: Bobby and Angie Walston
Study: Current Sermon Series

Description: We are a group of families with children ranging in age from 0-21.  With members spread all across St. Louis (Clayton, South City, South County) we are a mobile group who are committed to supporting, praying, encouraging and loving one another through any season of life.

New Member Group (“Pathway” Class)

Meet: Next group begins in September
Leader: Bobby Walston
Study: “The Story: How we, as a church, fit into God’s story”

Description: In this class, we’ll examine what we believe and why it matters. This is also a pathway to membership. Classes generally run several times each year, as there is need and interest. Contact Vicar Bobby for information on the next class.